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Our rapid prototype service is the best choice for your custom plastic machined parts for prototype sample or small volume production. We can provide you with a variety of services which including of reverse engineering, cnc machining, 3D printing and rapid tool injection.

The advantages of our rapid prototype service are many. For example, we can provide you with a variety of services that suit your needs. Furthermore, we have experienced engineers and skilled workers who are committed to delivering high quality products.

Our plastic injection molding service from China is a cost-effective way to get the custom machined parts that you need. These parts are made from high-quality materials and are available in a variety of colors. They are also suitable for any application, even those with strict quality standards.

The following is a list of advantages that our service offers:

  • – High-quality products
  • – Low costs
  • – Fast delivery times


We providing a wide selection of plastic materials that match to an extensive list of manufacturing capabilities.

ABS plastic is a terpolymer of three monomers, acrylonitrile (A), butadiene (B) and styrene (S). The relative content of the three monomers can be changed arbitrarily to make various resins.

ABS plastic has the common properties of three components, A makes it resistant to chemical corrosion, heat resistance, and has a certain surface hardness, B makes it have high elasticity and toughness, and S makes it have the processing and molding characteristics of thermoplastics and improve electrical properties. performance. Therefore, ABS plastic is a kind of “tough, hard and rigid” material with good comprehensive performance and wide application. ABS plastic has been widely used in machinery, electrical, textile, automobile, aircraft, ship and other manufacturing industries and chemicals

Polypropylene is a polymer obtained by addition polymerization of propylene. It is a white waxy material with a transparent and light appearance. The chemical formula is (C3H6)n, the density is 0.89~0.91g/cm3, it is flammable, the melting point is 189℃, it softens at about 155℃, and the operating temperature range is -30~140℃. It is resistant to corrosion by acid, alkali, salt solution and various organic solvents below 80 °C, and can be decomposed under high temperature and oxidation.

Polypropylene is widely used in the production of clothing, blankets and other fiber products, medical equipment, automobiles, bicycles, parts, transportation pipelines, chemical containers, etc., and also used in food and drug packaging.

Polycarbonate, also known as PC plastic; is a high molecular polymer containing carbonate groups in the molecular chain. According to the structure of ester groups, it can be divided into aliphatic, aromatic, aliphatic-aromatic and other types. Among them, the low mechanical properties of aliphatic and aliphatic-aromatic polycarbonates limit their application in engineering plastics. Only aromatic polycarbonates have been industrially produced. Due to the special structure of polycarbonate, it has become the fastest growing general engineering plastic among the five major engineering plastics.


The three major application areas of PC engineering plastics are the glass assembly industry, the automotive industry and the electronics and electrical appliance industries, followed by industrial machinery parts, optical discs, packaging, computers and other office equipment, medical and health care, films, leisure and protective equipment, etc. PC can be used as door and window glass, and PC laminates are widely used in protective windows in banks, embassies, detention centers and public places, for aircraft canopies, lighting equipment, industrial safety baffles and bulletproof glass.

PC board can be used for various signs, such as gasoline pump dials, car dashboards, warehouse and open-air commercial signs, point slide indicators, PC resins are used in automotive lighting systems, dashboard systems and interior decoration systems, used as headlight covers, Reinforced car front and rear fenders, mirror frames, door frame covers, operating lever sheaths, spoilers, PC are used as junction boxes, sockets, plugs and bushings, gaskets, TV conversion devices, telephone line support under the communication Cable connectors, switch boxes, switchboards, switchboard components, relay enclosures. PC can be used as low-load parts for home appliance motors, vacuum cleaners, shampoo, coffee machines, toasters, handles for power tools, various gears, worm gears, bushings, guide gauges, and shelves in refrigerators. PC is an ideal material for optical disc storage media.

PC bottle (container) is transparent, light in weight, good in impact resistance, resistant to certain high temperature and corrosive solution washing, as a recyclable bottle (container). PC and PC alloys can be used as computer racks, shells and auxiliary machines, and printer parts. Modified PC is resistant to high-energy radiation sterilization, cooking and baking sterilization, and can be used for blood sampling equipment, blood oxygenators, surgical instruments, kidney dialyzers, etc. PC can be used as helmets and hard hats, protective masks, sunglasses and sports protection. Blindfolds. PC film is widely used in printing graphics, pharmaceutical packaging, film commutator.

The application and development of polycarbonate is developing in the direction of high compounding, high function, specialization and serialization. It has launched various grades for optical discs, automobiles, office equipment, boxes, packaging, medicine, lighting, films and other products. grade.

PA6 nylon plastic polyamide 6 or nylon 6 (PA6)
Molecular formula: [-NH-(CH2)5-CO]n-
Properties: Translucent or opaque milky white crystalline polymer
c: thermoplastic, light weight, good toughness, chemical resistance and durability
Burning identification method: yellow flame on blue background, burning plant flavor
Solvent test: resistance to cyclohexanone and aromatic solvents
Density: 1.13g/cm3
Melting point: 215℃
Thermal decomposition temperature: >300℃
Balanced water absorption: 3.5%
Has good wear resistance, self-lubrication and solvent resistance.
Density: (g/cm3) 1.14-1.15
Melting point: 215-225℃
Tensile strength: > 60.0Mpa
Elongation: > 30%
Bending strength: 90.0Mpa
Notched impact strength: (KJ/m2) > 5


PA6 nylon plastics are widely used in the manufacture of bearings, circular gears, cams, bevel gears, various rollers, pulleys, pump impellers, fan blades, worm gears,
Thrusters, screws, nuts, gaskets, high pressure seals, oil-resistant gaskets, oil-resistant containers, housings, hoses, cable jackets, shears
Pulley sleeves, planer sliders, electromagnetic distribution valve seats, cold aging equipment, gaskets, bearing cages, various oil pipes on automobiles and tractors,
Pistons, ropes, transmission belts, zero fog materials for textile machinery and industrial equipment, as well as daily necessities and packaging films, etc.

New Product Development

The new product development processes including of part drawing, sample, trial run production, mass production, we need to co-operate step by step:

Our engineer designers working with your product team to complete product design to create CAD/3D drawings based on your concept design sketch, sample, picture etc.

A prototype sample is essential step to review your custom water bottle design concept, then make drawing modification to complete final product drawing before invest big money for  high-volume production or custom toolings.

All unique design parts which need to make custom tooling, it’s a big money investment and related to product quality in mass production, working with a professional and reliable supplier can save your money also timing, some information you must know before start tooling manufacturing process:

  1. tooling material
  2. tooling cavity
  3. tooling lead time
  4. tooling analysis report
  5. tooling structure 
  6. tooling cost
  7. product unit cost (details)

First time samples FAI report from supplier is must, and require enough samples from supplier to do inspection and test to work out issue list, discuss with supplier to solve all issues and require second time samples to do inspection & test again until all is good before place an order.

A trial-run production order is necessary before you place big volume order, because some problems may not be found at the sample evaluation process, a trial run production could help to find all issues during production and fix these issues without big lost.

Finally you are happy with the product quality and services from the supplier, it’s time to work out the mass production order quantity, confirm the production lead time, product shipment cost & lead time, customs duty tax cost, then start to issue PO to supplier for mass production.